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Local elections: Class politics the only answer to sectarian division

The media coverage of Northern Ireland’s local election results has focused on the growth of the vote of the Alliance Party, and to a lesser extent the Green Party. These two parties are said to represent “the middle ground”. The increased vote for these parties is an important development but the headlines represent a partial truth only. A more rounded ...

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North: Election breakthrough for anti-sectarian socialist

“For me, this is not a personal victory but a political one – it is a victory for cross-community, socialist politics. It reflects a growing opposition to the sectarian games, cuts and backward social policies of the main parties.” These were the words of Socialist Party member Donal O’Cofaigh after he was elected as a Cross-Community Labour Alternative (CCLA) councillor ...

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Assembly Elections: Positive moves against sectarian politics

By Daniel Waldron The campaign in the run-up to the Assembly election was a dull and uneventful affair. The result has brought little over-all change. Yet there were significant signs that the growing alienation from sectarianism, austerity and backward social policies is beginning to find a positive expression, with left forces taking important steps forward. Other than the usual sectarian ...

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Socialists & the National Question

  Over the last two decades, in the aftermath of paramilitary ceasefires in 1994 and the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998, it has been argued that the foundations have been laid to overcome sectarian conflict and division. KEVIN HENRY explains why a just and democratic solution to the national question on this island is ultimately unattainable without ...

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Jeremy Corbyn, Northern Ireland & building a working class alternative

By Kevin Henry The rise of Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour leadership contest marks a very welcome political upheaval in British society. It is a clear rebuff to the idea that society has moved to the right and that the austerity agenda has mass support. Enthusiasm for anti-austerity message Over 50,000 have attended his rallies and hundreds of thousands have ...

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North: Election marks growing rejection of sectarian status quo

By Daniel Waldron and Kevin  Henry While the election in Northern Ireland may, on the surface, seem to have been business as usual, the results suggest that rejection of the sectarian status quo is growing. Opposition to austerity and reactionary social policies found a voice in the midst of the campaign. There are positive pointers towards the opportunities to build ...

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