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Only 47% register with Irish water

Press Statement: Anti-Austerity Alliance (2nd February 2015) CSO & EPA studies show Irish Water understating by 260,000 the number of houses which need to register · Irish Water refuse to reply to information supplied to them by AAA despite give assurances they would by last Friday · Registration figures if taken at face value are a disaster for Irish Water. ...

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Water charges: Mass non-payment is key to victory

By David Vallely With the New Year upon us, a new phase in the water charges struggle has begun. It is clear that the Government intends to wait out the anger and hopes that momentum will drip from the movement now that the legislation has been passed into law. Non-payment is essential We are only four bills away – at ...

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Mass non-payment can bury this charge

This government is in trouble on the issue of the water charges and now they know it. 1 million unreturned forms will all add to a sense of frenzied panic in the corridors of Leinster House. They fear that this massive revolt will turned into massive non-payment of these charges and they are right.

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10,000 March in Limerick with message: “No way, we won’t pay!”

A massive protest of 10,000 marched through Limerick city on October 25th against water charges. The demonstration was wholly organised by the We Won’t Pay Campaign. The dominant theme was unquestionably support for a campaign of mass non-payment with chants of “No way, we won’t pay!” echoing throughout the streets of Limerick for hours as the march passed. Not only ...

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Labour right to be in a panic over Water Tax as electoral slaughter looms

The Labour Party is in an obvious panic over water charges looming large as the Local and European Elections approach. They are right to be. Labour's infamous 'Tesco' Ad during the 2011 General Election Campaign specifically named a Fine Gael water tax of €238 per annum as one of the key things they would stop if in government. Their betrayal on this will cost them dear.

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