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Oppose water charges through the back door

By Conor Burke From 1 July, Irish Water is seeking to implement excessive-use water charges of up to €500 per year. This will come as no great surprise to those of us who highlighted the programme for government agreed between Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael back in 2016. The Socialist Party opposed and warned about this element of the legislation ...

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Breaking the rules of a rigged game – join the socialists today!

By Eddie McCabe It’s not a coincidence that three Socialist Party members who are Solidarity public reps were among those singled out from a protest of more than 500 people and stitched-up on charges of false imprisonment. Just as it’s not a coincidence that three Socialist Party members who are Solidarity public reps engaged in a sit-down protest alongside the ...

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Jobstown trial: Organise to oppose criminalisation of protest

By Katia Hancke Two years ago, many working class communities ravaged by austerity demonstrated enough was enough and got out on the streets against water charges. One such community was Jobstown in Tallaght, where a spontaneous protest inconvenienced Joan Burton for a few hours. The establishment media jumped on this and tried to demonise those involved as a “dangerous fringe”. ...

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This weak government can be beaten

By Paul Murphy TD “The reality is that a small clique of hard-left, Trotskyite politicians, who are quite upfront about seeking to overthrow the current system, are now arguably setting the political agenda.” (Shane Coleman, Irish Independent 17 May 2016) Although he exaggerates, Coleman captures an important part of the political reality facing the new government and the ruling class ...

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Stampede of non-payment can finish off Irish Water

By Mick Barry TD Support for the boycott of water charges is set to surge in the aftermath of the general election increasing pressure on any potential government to abolish both the charge and Irish Water itself. Pressure on political establishment Water charges became a major issue in the election with pro-water charges parties shocked by the depth of feeling ...

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Replace Labour with a real Left

By Cllr.­ Cian Prendiville The Labour Party was founded by socialists such as Connolly and Larkin to give an independent political voice for workers, women and young people in the fight against the super-rich and their political puppets. It has not only broken every election promise and breached every principle, it has betrayed the very purpose for which it was ...

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