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Water charges: Why non-payment is essential

By Kevin McLoughlin “If you fight you might lose, if you don’t you have already lost.” It is meaningless to oppose to the water charges, but then to pay them. Your “protest” will be ignored and the government will have successfully robbed you of more of your money, and you will have made it easy for them. Refuse to pay ...

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The State – a tool to defend the rule of the 1%

The Occupy movement that began in the US in 2011 coined the terms, the 1% and the 99%. The movement was evocatively referring to the existence of a ruling class, encapsulated in the term the 1% a – the super-rich elite that owns and controls the key global wealth, resources and means of production.

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“Dogs of war” unleashed in Jobstown

By Mick Barry The arrest of 21 anti water charges campaigners in Dublin,  the threat to arrest a further 17-21,  the threat to send a file to the DPP and the possibility of court action on serious charges   –  all are sure signs of the Gardai playing an overtly political role. The Gardai have simultaneously targeted the community of Jobstown, ...

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Only 47% register with Irish water

Press Statement: Anti-Austerity Alliance (2nd February 2015) CSO & EPA studies show Irish Water understating by 260,000 the number of houses which need to register · Irish Water refuse to reply to information supplied to them by AAA despite give assurances they would by last Friday · Registration figures if taken at face value are a disaster for Irish Water. ...

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Water charges: Mass non-payment is key to victory

By David Vallely With the New Year upon us, a new phase in the water charges struggle has begun. It is clear that the Government intends to wait out the anger and hopes that momentum will drip from the movement now that the legislation has been passed into law. Non-payment is essential We are only four bills away – at ...

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The movement from below – working class self-organisation

In the last six years, austerity was imposed without the same level of protest as took place in other countries. Working class people were reeling from the shock of the recession and, of course, given no lead by the union leadership. Now, the establishment's claims of economic recovery have given more confidence to people to challenge austerity, crystallising around the hated water charges.

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