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Bitcoin frenzy: How capitalism is fuelling another bubble

By Manus Lenihan The stock markets took a battering when Covid first hit in early 2020, but governments pumped them full of trillions in stimulus money. Thanks to this, Wall Street has swung wildly from a deep crisis to a series of absurd bubbles. Tesla has grown incredibly bloated and volatile, and it’s not the only one. “The entire thing ...

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The failed “American dream”- Support rising for socialism in The US

The following article is from the Summer issue of Socialist Alternative, the magazine of the Socialist Party.  Decades of neo-liberalism, years of costly foreign wars and a financial bust have created unprecedented levels of social inequality in the world’s dominant capitalist nation. Katia Hancke looks at how these conditions are giving rise to new popular movements and a growing interest ...

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Polarisation grows in US Presidential elections

Article by members of Socialist Alternative, the sister organisation of the Socialist Party in the US, on the Bernie Sanders’ challenge and how a new party for the 99% can be built. Bernie Sander’s political revolution will be strangled if it remains imprisoned within the corporate-controlled Democratic Party. Sanders needs to run all the way through November and lay the ...

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