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Union-busting at Tesco

By Robert Cosgrave Tesco, one of the largest private sector employers in Ireland, is continuing their campaign to undermine Mandate – the trade union organising Tesco workers. They are refusing to engage with the Labour Court, and attempting to deny their workers union representation. This is another phase in the ongoing campaign by Tesco, over the last few years, to ...

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Anti-worker, anti-union: What’s behind the chaos in Ryanair?

By Councillor Michael O’Brien While the headlines are full of the news of Ryanair flight cancellations (400,000 more passengers affected on the basis of the announcement on 27 September) what lies behind this crisis is the shameful treatment by Ryanair of its workers. The pilots at Ryanair have mutinied against their pay and working conditions. They deserve the support and ...

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