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Government takes aim at students on PUP

By Michael Shiel  Over a year into the Covid crisis, the Pandemic Unemployment Payment (PUP) has been an essential lifeline for hundreds of thousands of people across the state. Workplaces have closed and thrust many into unemployment, from jobs they’d spent months, years, or even decades in, while living costs remain. Combined with the mental strain of isolation, the economic ...

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Historic government coalition faces crises and class war

By Mick Barry TD “The country was very united during the pandemic. The economic crisis that is coming could be very divisive” – Leo Varadkar June 30.  140 days after the General Election a new government was formed in the Republic of Ireland on 27 June. The Government is made up of the two traditional right-wing parties Fianna Fáil (FF) ...

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Statistical veneer of recovery covers reality of stagnation

The article was originally written in the middle of February 2015 as part of the pre-conference discussion of the Socialist Party. It has been slightly altered for publication. By Paul Murphy TD If the reports of the demise of Mark Twain had been much exaggerated, the opposite is the case for the southern Irish economy. Its rebirth, life and vitality ...

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