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50 years on- The real history of the Prague Spring

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Prague Spring when the rule of Stalinism in Czechoslovakia and in the entire  “Eastern Bloc” was threatened. Solidarity TD and Socialist Party member Mick Barry looks at the lessons of these explosive events. On August 20 1968, 250,000 Warsaw Pact troops and 2000 tanks invaded Czechoslovakia under the direction of the Soviet ...

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Review: “Socialism on Trial”

Reviewed by James McCabe Reading the transcript of a courtroom testimony might seem like a boring prospect, but the testimony of James Cannon published as “Socialism on Trial” is a real page-turner. On the eve of the US entering World War II, Cannon, along with 28 other socialists and trade unionists were charged with plotting to overthrow the US government. ...

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The Socialist Party and support for the Corbyn movement

Article from “The Socialist” , paper of the Socialist Party in England and Wales on our approach towards the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party in Britain. Socialist Party members have received widespread support from trade unionists, anti-cuts activists and supporters of Jeremy Corbyn both inside and outside the Labour Party for our calls for democratising the Labour ...

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