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Far-right homophobic rally targets Roderic O’Gorman TD

By Finn McKenna The Socialist Party condemns the homophobic campaign being waged against Roderic O’Gorman TD. It is clear that the driving motivation here is for far-right reactionaries to whip up vicious homophobic attacks in a twisted attempt find an echo for their backward political agenda. What was it about? These hypocrites claimed they were staging a protest to protect ...

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Transphobia & the Left: bogus science and bogus Marxism

The question of fighting Transphobia, like all forms of oppression, is a crucial part in the struggle to end the rule of capitalism by a united movement of the working class. In recent years sections of the left globally have unfortunately perpetuated transphobic attitudes and prejudices using pseudo-Marxist arguments to do so. Conor Payne debunks these arguments and myths. Trans ...

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No delay, gender recognition for all!

By Ollie Bell, co-founder of Trans and Intersex Pride Dublin  Last November, the report of the Gender Recognition Act review revealed that the government wasn’t going to implement non-binary recognition or gender recognition for under-16s. The only real change that the review promised was that young people aged between 16 and 17 would now be able to get gender recognition ...

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