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Capitalist rivalry, trade wars & Globalisation Today

The last year-and-a-half has seen a steady escalation of a trade war between the world’s two major capitalist powers, the United States and China. This dispute takes place against the background of the world economy undergoing a period of what has been described as “slowbalisation” and a reversal of the process of globalisation, writes Cillian Gillespie. In May of this ...

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World economy: The growing risks of a global downturn

By Keishia Taylor The risks of a global economic downturn are mounting. IMF chief Christine Lagarde warned that 70% of the world economy is expected to see a slowdown in growth in the next two years, and forecast only 3.2% global growth this year, the lowest since 2009. Economies on every continent are shrinking or narrowly escaping recession, including Germany, ...

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What do Trump’s Trade and Tech Wars Mean for Global Capitalism?

The following article is written by Vincent Kolo of ChinaWorker.info, the website of the Chinese section of the Committee for a Workers International, with which Socialist Party in the Ireland is affiliated to. The escalating U.S.-China conflict is nothing short of a major crisis for global capitalism. With negotiations having all but collapsed there seems to be no “exit ramp” from the ...

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