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The Auto Industry, Jobs and a Green Future

By Christian Bunke, Martina Gergits, Philipp Chmel, Stefan Brandl, Brettros (SLP-our sister organisation in Austria)  The automobile industry, along with the oil industry, remains the world’s largest and most dominant industrial sector. More than eight million people are directly employed by the auto manufacturers, and millions more work in connected industry. It employs hundreds of thousands of workers in Germany and ...

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Climate changes creates raging fires and red skies in Australia

By Gary McDonald  The current situation in Australia is a frightening glimpse of our future. The catastrophic effects of climate change that scientists have been warning about for decades are coming to fruition right before our very eyes. Beginning unusually early in September 2019, this bushfire season has marked the ushering-in of a whole new terrifying climate reality particularly for ...

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Big business government offers no solutions

By Dave Murphy Fiddling while the planet burns would be an apt response to the government’s latest climate action plan. While the document is laced with warnings about the urgency of the need to tackle climate change, it is devoid of ideas or proposals that will make the necessary economic and societal changes required to prevent the impending catastrophe. Instead it ...

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