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Union-busting at Tesco

By Robert Cosgrave Tesco, one of the largest private sector employers in Ireland, is continuing their campaign to undermine Mandate – the trade union organising Tesco workers. They are refusing to engage with the Labour Court, and attempting to deny their workers union representation. This is another phase in the ongoing campaign by Tesco, over the last few years, to ...

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Review: Feminism for the 99%

Feminism for the 99%: A Manifesto By Cinzia Arruzza, Nancy Fraser, and Tithi Bhattacharya Published by Verso, 2019 Reviewed by Laura Fitzgerald Less than 100 pages long, Feminism for the 99%: A Manifesto will be an attractive read for a new generation politicised by their experiences of oppression and exploitation under capitalism today, and of engaging in struggle. The text ...

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“Difficult and dangerous” working conditions- A nurse speaks out

Below is a powerful testimony from a nurse (who wished to remain anonymous) about the conditions that she and her workmates face on a daily basis. We need to give full support and solidarity to the action of the INMO and the PNA in the coming weeks. We need a national health services free at the point of use.  I’m ...

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Scotland: Glasgow’s equal pay uprising shows power of working class

By Matt Dobson, Socialist Party Scotland (CWI)  Around 8,500 Glasgow working class women made history on 23-24th October, when they took industrial action. As the BBC news commented, it was the “one of the biggest ever strikes in the UK on the issue of equal pay”. In truth, it was more like an uprising in which the power of the ...

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Irish Rail strike: Workers take a stand to defend pay & conditions

By Katia Hancke Irish Rail workers are due to go on strike at the end of October. The attempts by sections of the mainstream media to portray this as workers demanding a wage increase that the company simply can’t afford are very disingenuous. In reality, workers in all three sections of what used to be CIE – Dublin Bus, Bus ...

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Greyhound lockout – a fight for all workers

It is now nine weeks since Greyhound workers were treated in the style of William Martin Murphy by their employer, Michael Buckley. They arrived to work – were presented with new contracts, including pay cut of up to 35% and a change to a whole series of other working conditions and were instructed to sign or they were not working. After refusing to sign, they were escorted off the premises by security. Agency workers immediately began doing their jobs. This is 1913 in 2014.

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