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United States: Starbucks workers win a fresh brewed union

By Jesse Shussett, Socialist Alternative (our sister organisation in the United States) Less than a month after winning their union, Starbucks workers in Buffalo, NY walked out demanding safe working conditions amid the Omicron surge. They were on strike for five days with the core demand that the store be closed while their coworkers recovered from COVID and proper COVID ...

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Starbucks & Nespresso’s child labour secret exposed

A boy of ten or twelve carries a sack of coffee beans bigger than his torso up a steep hill. He stops to rub his back, grimacing in pain, then picks up the sack again and carries on. This is the true face of Starbucks and Nespresso, behind the mask of “ethical” corporate branding: children working for 40 hours a week, for about £5 per day.

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