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Film review: Dear Comrades!

Reviewed by Manus Lenihan  Dear Comrades!, a film directed and written by renowned filmmaker Andrei Konchalovsky, tells the story of a massacre of striking workers that took place in the Stalinist Soviet Union in 1962. This is an understated film, all in black and white, with sharp dialogue. Powerful and well-composed interior shots give way to outdoor scenes of crowds ...

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Socialism: How would a planned economy work?

By Peter Delsing, (ISA in Belgium) This article is based on an introductory speech given to a commission on ‘Marxist economics — How would a planned economy work?’ at ISA’s Virtual Marxist University in July 2020.  The discussion about how a planned economy would work is a crucial one for the workers’ movement and the oppressed. Since the 1990s and the fall ...

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Review: Leon Trotsky’s “In Defence of Marxism”

Leon Trotsky’s In Defense of Marxism is a book every Marxist needs to study. It’s a collection of letters and key documents from a sharp debate within the Socialist Workers Party in the US in 1939-40. It’s a very rich book, on application of Marxist theory in a rapidly changing world – Stalinism in the Soviet Union, fascism in power ...

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