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Organised left force or disparate Independents?

By Laura Fitzgerald “Independents / Others” are consistently featuring in the polls on an equivalent or stronger basis than some traditional parties of the establishment (a Red C poll in late June 2015 had Independents/Others at 23%). This turn away from the traditional parties reflects a historic political crisis for the establishment. The ‘independent’ banner is attractive as it intimates ...

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Review “The Entrepreneurial State” by Mariana Mazzucato

By Tim Heffernan Somewhere along the line, we’ve all heard these arguments in favour of capitalism: progress is based on competition, risk taking and innovation – capitalism encourages risk takers and rewards them;we might need state ‘enterprise’ for essential infrastructure like water and electricity but, in the area of new technology, the dynamism of the private sector will always outperform the bureaucratic, ...

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