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From the Classroom to the Streets: School students move into action

By Haritha Olaganathan We’ve all heard it before – on the 25 May 2018 over 1.4 million people voted in support  of the pregnant person’s right to choose. Over the next year, this figure of 66.4% would be exhausted in the media; a celebration of the landslide victory achieved by activists in the Yes campaign. This included people without voting ...

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US: Parkland school massacre – youth rise up against violence and inequality

By Stephen Edwards, Socialist Alternative (sister organisation of the Socialist Party in the US) As we publish this, walkouts have been held in schools across the country in solidarity with students in Parkland, Florida. Hundreds of high school students walked out, marched, and rallied in Florida, Maryland, Arizona, Illinois, Kentucky, and Minnesota with many more preparing for walkouts in the ...

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General strikes and mass demonstration in Barcelona: Eyewitness report

Mick Barry, Solidarity TD and a member of the Socialist Party, gives an eyewitness report on yesterday’s general strike and enormous demonstration in Barcelona against police repression and for the right to self-determination. Mick was as an international observer for the referendum held last Sunday in Catalonia. More than a million people joined a Barcelona general strike demonstration last night, ...

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