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Abortion rights, fighting for liberation and socialism

By Katia Hancke The debate on abortion rights has moved on dramatically over the last five years. Just look at the discussions taking place even in as conservative an environment as the Oireachtas Committee on the 8th Amendment, dominated as it is by the anti-choice and right wing parties of the capitalist establishment. Witness after expert witness has outlined to ...

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Trust people, not the Dáil, to deliver abortion rights

The Citizens’ Assembly on abortion rights was set up under pressure from the Repeal movement. It surprised the conservative Dail when it recommended that women and pregnant people be trusted - that abortion should be legalised upon request up to 12 weeks; for socio-economic reasons up to 22 weeks; for health; and for fatal foetal abnormality.

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“Abortion Pill Bus” defies the 8th

By Monika Janas Despite the abominable ban on abortion in Ireland, it is a fact of life that women still obtain them.  Twelve women a day travel to Great Britain for their services. Unfortunately, while some may have the resources and funds to go abroad, others may feel they have to resolve to life-endangering methods in their desperation. This is ...

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