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Women courageously speak out against sexual harassment & abuse in the army

By Valerie O’Leary The recent broadcasting of RTE’s “Women of Honour” programme on sexual harassment, bullying and sexist practices in the Irish Defence Forces is yet another example of the systemic toxic and misogynistic attitudes that exist in the military. Over the past few years, the rise of the global feminist movement, out of which came the #MeToo movement has ...

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Review: Normal People by Sally Rooney

By Harper Cleves Sally Rooney’s novel Normal People and Lenny Abrahamson’s BBC adaptation of this novel  have been the subject of widespread adoration and controversy. Criticisms hurled at both works have ranged from hailing Rooney as ‘the Marxist voice of a generation’ to diminishing both the novel and screen adaptation to a series of ’longing stares exchanged’ between ‘extremely privileged ...

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The Gardaí & media: A cosy relationship revealed

By Manus Lenihan The Maurice McCabe scandal has been another grim reminder that we don’t have a “free press” (in the true sense of the word) here in Ireland. Rather we have a media that in general has an overly-cosy relationship with the establishment. With the McCabe scandal, it’s clear that big sections of the media cooperated with the mafia-style ...

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