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The Revolutionary Ideas of Rosa Luxemburg

January marked the 100th anniversary of the murder of the outstanding revolutionary socialist leader, Rosa Luxemburg. In this article, Eleanor Crossey-Malone looks at her defence of both the fundamental ideas of Marxism and the necessity of revolutionary change against an increasingly opportunistic and reformist SPD leadership. Remembering Rosa Luxemburg after her death, the Bolshevik leader Leon Trotsky wrote of seeing ...

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Commemorating the 95th anniversary of the death of Rosa Luxemburg

"She was always ready to take up the cause of the suffering and the oppressed; she felt doubly every blow that fell on others. The deepest sympathy with all those who were humiliated or wronged was the mainspring of her active life and was vibrant in her every word, even her loftiest theoretical abstractions." - Paul Froelich, Luxemburg's colleague and biographer.

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The murder of Rosa Luxemburg

On 15 January 1919, 94 years ago today, Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, the finest brains of the German working class and its most heroic figures, were brutally murdered by the bloodthirsty, defeated German military, backed to the hilt by the cowardly social-democratic leaders Noske and Scheidemann. On this important anniversary, it is vital to look at Luxemburg’s inspirational, revolutionary legacy.

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