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Vote 1 Rita Harrold: A Socialist Feminist Voice for Workers, Women & the Planet

This is the text of Rita Harrold’s leaflet for the European election campaign in Dublin that will be distributed to 250,000 homes in Dublin.  Let Us Rise!– Public Need Not Private Greed “The water charges and repeal movements show things can change. Rita Harrold & the Socialist Party were in the front-line of those victories. The nurses have also shown ...

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A socialist feminist candidate for Europe

By Keishia Taylor Rita Harrold, a childcare worker and leading socialist feminist, is the Socialist Party’s candidate in Dublin for the 2019 European elections. As a founding member of ROSA – Socialist Feminist Movement in 2013, Rita has played a significant role in the repeal movement and winning legislation for choice and abortion up to 12 weeks on request. Alongside ...

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