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Stampede of non-payment can finish off Irish Water

By Mick Barry TD Support for the boycott of water charges is set to surge in the aftermath of the general election increasing pressure on any potential government to abolish both the charge and Irish Water itself. Pressure on political establishment Water charges became a major issue in the election with pro-water charges parties shocked by the depth of feeling ...

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Only a government that will challenge the system can bring real justice for working class people

I note the article in today’s Irish Times and the coverage on some radio programmes regarding Sinn Féin’s call for co-operation from left parties for the coming general election. This appeal for unity with the left and anti-water charges activists comes very quickly after a leading spokesperson for Sinn Féin, Pádraig Mac Lochlainn, talked positively about co-operation and coalition with ...

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57% join boycott of water charge

Michael O’Brien, AAA councillor and Socialist Party member The confidence anti-water charges activists derived from Irish Water and the government’s reticence about revealing the payment figures for the first water bill has proven to be well founded. On Tuesday, an admission came confirming a 57% boycott of the first bill, representing around 860,000 households out of the 1.52 million they ...

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What kind of Left challenge is needed?

By Kevin McLoughlin Working class people made the demonstration of 11 October last year a historic event. They mobilised themselves and changed the political situation in the whole country and in so doing they propelled Right2Water to a prestigious position of being a key convenor for this new movement. Incredibly within months in another historic mobilisation, the working class has ...

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Mass non-payment can bury this charge

This government is in trouble on the issue of the water charges and now they know it. 1 million unreturned forms will all add to a sense of frenzied panic in the corridors of Leinster House. They fear that this massive revolt will turned into massive non-payment of these charges and they are right.

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