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Defend the right to protest- Drop the fines against ROSA activists!

In the first known charge of its kind under the Public Health Act Covid regulations, members of ROSA have been fined up to €500 and face prosecution over safe, outdoor protests highlighting gender violence during the pandemic. This follows activists in Belfast receiving fines of £200 for organising similar protests. ROSA called small but vital socially-distanced protests in several cities ...

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Jobstown trial: Organise to oppose criminalisation of protest

By Katia Hancke Two years ago, many working class communities ravaged by austerity demonstrated enough was enough and got out on the streets against water charges. One such community was Jobstown in Tallaght, where a spontaneous protest inconvenienced Joan Burton for a few hours. The establishment media jumped on this and tried to demonise those involved as a “dangerous fringe”. ...

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