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The roots and realities of racism in Irish society

By Manus Lenihan and Myriam Poizat Mass protests of young and working-class people have spread across the US in a call for #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd. Led by black youth, the multi-racial movement has spread across all states and has already forced authorities to charge the police officers involved in the racist murder of George Floyd. But these protests are now reaching further, putting ...

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End Direct Provision: ­Right to work for refugees must be granted

By Fiona Ryan The Right to Work campaign is centred around the need for asylum seekers to be able to access the workforce, free of discrimination and against the insurmountable barriers the Irish State has laid down in opposition. The campaign, led by asylum seekers themselves and those most affected by the state-sanctioned racism that the Direct Provision (DP) system ...

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Institutionalised state racism: Direct Provision must go

By Councillor Fiona Ryan On Tuesday 15 November, after a gruelling 35 day hunger strike, a Kurdish resident of Direct Provision resisting a deportation order to Iran emerged victorious, with the state rescinding the order after his health began to decline upon refusing water in addition to food. This is just one story of many within the system who live ...

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