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Hospitality bosses lobby again for pre-mature re-opening

By Michael O’Brien The loud voices from the hospitality lobby went into hiding in the new year. This was after the “meaningful Christmas” promised by Micheál Martin, which led to the easing of restrictions in December, contributed to skyrocketing levels of infections and the highpoint of mortality. Six months on, these same individuals and their most ardent supporters from the ...

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PUP in crosshairs as youth unemployment at record levels

By Leon Fitzpatrick  Given the scale of the economic collapse and job losses that followed the onset of the pandemic last year the government was forced to introduce the Pandemic Unemployment Payment of €350.  From its inception, the PUP has been a massive headache for this right-wing government. Trying to strike a balance between not wanting to demonstrate that the ...

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Government seeks to tax PUP while super-rich make a killing

By Oisín Kelly The government extracting income tax from Pandemic Unemployment Payments (PUP) stands in great contrast to its approach to the enormous wealth concentrated in the hands of the multi-millionaires and billionaires. The pandemic has exposed massive inequalities that exist in Ireland and globally. While workers have faced extended periods of unemployment due to lockdown measures, the super-rich have ...

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