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Catalonia: Draconian jail sentences for pro-independence leaders

By Socialismo Revolucionario (CWI in Spanish state) reporters The Spanish state has sentenced the leaders of the Catalan independence movement to long prison terms for “sedition”, for the “crime” of organising a democratic referendum on Catalan independence. 7 pro-independence leaders and politicians were sentenced to jail terms of between 10 and 12 years each, with 2 more sentenced to 9 ...

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Catalan elections: Historic defeat for Spanish State reaction

Article by Esquerra Revolucionaria, the Socialist Party’s sister organisation in Catalonia   The Catalan elections on 21 December were a massive defeat for the Spanish nationalist “block of article 155” and an even bigger blow to this block’s main force, the PP party. The capitalist media try to minimise the magnitude of this defeat by talking about the “victory” of Ciudadanos ...

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Spanish State/Catalonia: Government repression against Catalonia’s right to decide

Statement by Esquerra Revolucionària (sister organisation of the Socialist Party in Catalonia/Spanish State)  The Catalan people have the right to decide! After days of a police and judicial offensive, without quarter, in which democratic rights have been trampled on with fury, the Spanish Partido Popular (People’s Party/PP) government decided to use massive repression to prevent the people of Catalonia from ...

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