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Spanish State/Catalonia: Government repression against Catalonia’s right to decide

Statement by Esquerra Revolucionària (sister organisation of the Socialist Party in Catalonia/Spanish State)  The Catalan people have the right to decide! After days of a police and judicial offensive, without quarter, in which democratic rights have been trampled on with fury, the Spanish Partido Popular (People’s Party/PP) government decided to use massive repression to prevent the people of Catalonia from ...

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New movements, old dilemma- Reform or Revolution today

The election of the Syriza government in February 2015 was greeted with enthusiastic support by working class people in Greece and across Europe, only to turn into bitter disappointment after its capitulation to the Troika in July. As inequality and austerity continue to radicalise millions, leading to the rise of new movements of the Left, Paul Murphy argues that there ...

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Massive surge in support for anti-austerity Podemos

By Linda Schuetz Podemos (Spanish for “we can”) is a new left part that is currently leading in opinion polls with 28.7 %. This means Podemos is ahead of the governing PP with 19.2% and also 5% ahead of PSOE, marking an end of the two-party system that has existed since the end of Franco’s dictatorship. This is the second ...

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