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A crucial battle: NASRA workers must not stand alone

By Katia Hancke On 19 July, ambulance workers across the country organised in Nasra, a branch of the PNA, are once again going on strike. This is the eighth day of strike action these workers have to engage in – to win the right to be represented by the union of their choice and the right to engage in collective ...

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Nurses & Midwives’ deal: Return to pickets is key to victory

By Councillor Michael O’Brien As we go to press the Labour Court has issue its second recommendation on the settlement of the nurses and midwives struggle for pay parity with the therapeutic grades and pay equality for new entrants. The strike days in February were clearly having an impact. The original Labour Court recommendation was issued in a rush to avert ...

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Government can buckle under pressure- Full Support For Nurses & Midwives!

Socialist Party Bulletin: 5th-7th February Nurses and Midwives have rightly said enough is enough. Today’s strike action reflects the fact that the justifiable anger against pay restraing, lack of pay parity and dangerous work practices has boiled over. There is clearly massive support for this action amongst working class people generally. This reflects the growing opposition to wage restraint and ...

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“Difficult and dangerous” working conditions- A nurse speaks out

Below is a powerful testimony from a nurse (who wished to remain anonymous) about the conditions that she and her workmates face on a daily basis. We need to give full support and solidarity to the action of the INMO and the PNA in the coming weeks. We need a national health services free at the point of use.  I’m ...

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Fighting union busting- Solidarity with striking ambulance workers

By Mick Barry TD Hundreds of ambulance paramedics, advanced paramedics and emergency medical technicians placed pickets on HSE ambulance depots across the country on Tuesday, 22 January. The workers are members of the Psychiatric Nurses Association (PNA) and are locked in a battle with the HSE over the issue of union recognition. The strike came just eight days before the ...

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