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Covid-19: Capitalism Rushes to Re-Open as Pandemic Grows

By Bill Hopwood, ISA Canada Around the world, countries are lifting the restrictions that were introduced to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. People are being allowed to leave their homes, and workplaces, cafes and stores are re-opening. The sharp closures of society and the economy were needed to reduce the level of infection and death from the virus, only because of ...

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Billionaires profit from a pandemic!

By Haritha Olaganathan US billionaires saw their collective wealth increase by $282 billion in the first twenty-three days of lockdown. Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg is the biggest financial reaper, as shares in the social media company have surged by almost 60% over the past two months. Another profiteer includes CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos, whose wealth has increased by $25 ...

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The mental health crisis and COVID-19

By Aislinn O’Keefe According to a 2018 OECD survey, one in six people across Europe are living with a mental health problem, and more than 50% of people will experience mental health issues over the course of their lifetimes. Of the 36 countries surveyed, Ireland ranked joint third for the most instances of mental illness in the country. In Ireland, ...

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