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Real change requires system change- The fight for a left government

By Cillian Gillespie After seven years and €31 billion worth of austerity, we are told that we are in the midst of an economic recovery. However, for most people this recovery means a new housing crisis, skyrocketing rents and the creation of low paid temporary jobs. There is now a working poor in our society, with 25% of the workforce ...

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EU referendum: “OXI” to a bankers’ Europe

By Ciaran Mulholland Tory Prime Minister David Cameron has pledged to hold an “in-out” referendum on the European Union (EU) in Britain and Northern Ireland by the end of 2017. His preference is to hold the referendum in 2016 if possible, depending on the outcome of negotiations with the other 27 countries in the EU. It is clear that he ...

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Oxi!-No to austerity and Troika tyranny in Greece

Events in Greece have thrown the entire Eurozone into crisis and threaten its very existence. Greek banks were closed on Monday after the European Central Bank (ECB) stopped the liquidity lifeline that kept Greek banks afloat during months-long run on deposits. As of the time of publication, it is in the balance whether Greece’s latest debt payment due to the ...

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