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Germany: “Rent madness” checked by campaign for nationalisation

by Lucy Redler, SAV (our sister organisation in Germany)  Debates about the need to nationalise housing corporations have been continuing for months in Berlin and across Germany. The discussion was initiated by the Berlin based campaign to “Expropriate Deutsche Wohnen & Co.”, which the SAV (German section of the CWI-majority) supports. As a result, the state parliament is to vote ...

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Corbynism’s critical year

As Britain’s weak Tory government clings on – and numerous social, political and economic shocks threaten its downfall – a key factor is whether the Labour Party can provide a mass alternative to harsh austerity. This is one of the main themes in the British Perspectives document for the Socialist Party’s national congress in March, drafted by HANNAH SELL (Deputy ...

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Socialism: the great anti-theft movement

By Cillian Gillespie In 1910, James Connolly wrote his celebrated pamphlet Socialism Made Easy. As well as playing a leading role in assisting working class people to organise for their basic rights, both he and Jim Larkin sought to popularise the ideas of socialism as an alternative to the rule of the bosses. The pamphlet sought to answer the criticisms ...

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