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Myanmar: How can the revolution Win?

By Geert Cool–LSP/PSL (Our sister organisation in Belgium) More than a month after the military coup led by Min Aung Hlaing, the struggle between the people and the military of Myanmar continues. Strikes paralyse daily life. The general strikes on 22 February and 8 March were highlights of the movement so far. The army, the Tatmadaw, reacted after 22 February ...

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Mass protests after Myanmar coup will be decisive

By James Clement from Socialist Alternative (our sister organisation in England, Wales & Scotland) and Geert Cool PSL/PSP (our sister organisation in Belgium) Support is growing for the ‘Civil Disobedience Campaign’ first launched by medical workers from over 80 hospitals in Myanmar. They have now been joined by civil servants from the Ministry of Energy and members of the police ...

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Myanmar: ‘Ethnic cleansing’ of Rohingya causes worldwide outrage

By Clare Doyle, Committee for a Workers International (CWI- the international socialist organisation to which the Socialist Party in Ireland is affiliated)  What was a slow-burning conflict between the government of Myanmar (Burma) and the Rohingya people of Rakhine, has escalated in the last three weeks into a major humanitarian crisis. More than 400,000 people fled the country towards neighbouring ...

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