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After General Election 2020- How do we win real change in Ireland?

Statement from Solidarity and the Socialist Party on the vote for Taoiseach today While it is practically ruled out that a Taoiseach will be elected and a government formed today, today’s events in the Dáil, at its first meeting since the General Election on 8 February, are very important. Since the historic vote, when Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael plunged ...

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Where will Mary Lou McDonald lead Sinn Féin?

By Kevin McLoughlin When it looked as if there could be an immediate general election last November, any fanfare of farewell for Gerry Adams was shelved, as McDonald became the effective leader. Pearse Doherty and Michelle O’Neill ruling themselves out means there is no question of who will lead the party. While there may be a change in style under ...

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