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Martin McGuinness – from IRA leader to Stormont minister

The IRA campaign, the ‘peace process’ and the working class The death of Martin McGuinness has been marked by a genuine outpouring of grief in Catholic areas. His funeral became a celebration of a life of struggle and the tens of thousands who attended clearly agree with Gerry Adams that he was a “freedom fighter”, not a “terrorist”. Not all ...

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Northern Assembly election – a Labour Alternative is needed!

The RHI scandal will mean that, while little is done to help the 42% of people here who live in fuel poverty, Northern Ireland’s Ferrari showroom will be kept cosy at a profit using public funds for the next 20 years. In Arlene Foster’s own rural constituency of Fermanagh & South Tyrone, 75% of GP surgeries face closure but Viscount ...

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Brexit: Oppose capitalist EU with workers’ solidarity

By Kevin Henry The referendum on Britain and Northern Ireland’s membership of the EU is set to be an important political event that will shape political developments in Britain, Ireland and across Europe in the years to come. Socialists want to see a Europe that is run in the interests of the millions not the millionaires. The EU project constitutes ...

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