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Killing of Lyra McKee- Trade unions must show way forward

Socialist Party statement, 26 April 2019 The killing of Lyra McKee on Thursday April 19th sent a wave of shock across Northern Ireland. Lyra was only 29 but had already made a name for herself as a journalist, an author and an activist. Whilst over 3,800 have died in the “Troubles” since 1969 some killings strike a particular chord. Lyra’s ...

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Trade unionists respond to killing of Lyra McKee

Working class people from across the sectarian divide in Northern Ireland were revulsed by the shooting and death of a young female journalist, Lyra McKee, in Derry city, last Thursday evening. Anton McCabe, National Executive Council member of the National Union of Journalists (personal capacity), and a Socialist Party member, who knew Lyra, helped organise some of the NUJ and ...

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