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Covid-19: State must act to support workers in the arts

By Martina Stafford The precarious conditions of work for artists and performers has been acutely exposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Ireland’s culture of under-payment for artists’ work leaves many feeling like it is a race to the bottom for the crumbs of an ever shrinking loaf. The crumbs being offered by the government due to the Covid-19 pandemic amount to ...

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Minimum wage: Why we need €15 NOW!

  By Shane Finnan Rents soar, the cost of living continues upwards, all the while wages remain, for the most part, restrained. Working-class people, especially the young, feel the pinch every week. Irish capitalism has failed to deliver for the working-class and young. Thousands of people are forced to stay at home in a state of delayed adolescence. Many are ...

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Bar workers face poverty pay as publican profits soar

By Terry Murphy In the last eight years there has been an ongoing attack on the pay and conditions of workers across all sectors, and an undermining of collective bargaining rights. A recent article by John Douglas, General Secretary of the Mandate trade union has highlighted the effect that this trend has had on Ireland’s 50,000 bar workers. At one ...

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