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Tony Mulhearn- Working class fighter and leader

By Hugh Caffrey (Socialist Alternative- our sister organisation in England and Wales)  Liverpool lost one of its greatest ever working-class leaders, and a great family man, when Tony Mulhearn passed away at the age of 80 on 7 October. Tony was in many ways born a class fighter. The appalling poverty of the Liverpool slums, which endured longer than in ...

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Blairite hysteria over “Trotskyist infiltrators”

By Conor Payne The campaign against Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the British Labour Party has led to new attacks from the media and the Blairites on ‘Trotskyism” and the Militant, forerunners of the Socialist Party. Deputy Leader Tom Watson produced a ‘dossier’ on Trotskyist infiltration of the party, claiming that Labour was being taken over by “Trotsky entryists” who are ...

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