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Leo Varadkar: Unapologetic Thatcherite assumes power

The election of Leo Varadkar, first as leader of Fine Gael, then as Taoiseach, has been hailed by the international media as an important change. Varadkar is an openly gay man and the son of an immigrant, and the election of such a man as Taoiseach would have been unthinkable up until relatively recent times. This reflects positive social changes ...

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Spinning lies with bogus figures- Varadker attacks social welfare recipients

By Melissa Kelleher Leo Varadkar recently initiated a campaign through the Department of Social Protection targeting welfare fraud with the slogan “welfare cheats cheat us all”. The campaign features bus signs, radio adverts and billboards encouraging working-class people to spy on their neighbours and report any suspected ‘fraudsters’ to the department. The campaign alone is estimated to cost the taxpayer ...

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