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Debenhams workers’ struggle – an example to all

The closure of Debenhams Irish operation more than a 100 days ago was done in the cynical expectation that it was not possible for the workers to sustain any kind organised response through the lockdown months. Not only has the struggle for a decent settlement survived but it has grown in strength in recent weeks. With the proper resumption of ...

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Stand with Debenhams workers in fight against multinational fraudsters!

By Michael O’Brien On the same day as the result of the Apple Tax case is to be announced Debenhams workers will descend again on the Dáil as Socialist Party member and Solidarity TD Mick Barry will challenge the Taoiseach again about another example of the government looking the other way while multinational giant evades its responsibilities. Corporate slight of ...

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Debenhams struggle reaches critical phase

By Michael O’Brien Efforts over the last week by KPMG, the court appointed liquidator, and other concession companies to remove stock from Debenhams shops around the country have met with a determined response from workers and their supporters in many areas bringing their struggle for a just settlement onto a whole different level. Pickets have been stepped up in the ...

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