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Katherine Zappone rewarded for loyal service to the establishment

By Michael O’Brien What Ireland lacks in a UK system of honours, knighthoods and peerages is made up for in some measure by government appointments of their favourites to various paid statutory, board and ad hoc paying positions. Katherine Zappone’s appointment as ‘special envoy for freedom of expression’, a part-time UN position that will probably on average take up not ...

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Repealing the 8th & Abortion Rights- We won’t “tone it down”

By Laura Fitzgerald In October, the Government refused to give the AAA-PBP bill for a Repeal the 8th referendum, proposed by Socialist Party member, Ruth Coppinger TD, a second reading. It elucidated its interminable time-table for a referendum, namely six months for the Citizens’ Assembly to report, and another six months for the special Oireachtas committee to report to the ...

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