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France: The rise of the Yellow Vest movement

By Eljeer Hawkins, Socialist Alternative (sister organisation of the Socialist Party in the US) “Yellow Vests” (“Gilets Jaune” named after roadside-safety vests) are a mass popular movement against the current establishment. It is a revolt that has been simmering in France for years. A revolt by ordinary people against the current political system…”- Pamela Anderson, Actress and Activist, 12/4/18. The ...

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French Presidential elections- Record rejection of political establishment

By Finghín Kelly Emmanuel Macron’s victory over far-right Front National candidate, Marine Le Pen, has been heralded in much of the media as a victory for the ‘centre’. This superficial analysis paints over a deep and profound political crisis for the representatives of French capitalism. This was an unprecedented election. For the first time since the foundation of the Fifth ...

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