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Italy and South Africa: Workers solidarity action against Israeli State terror

By Giuliano Brunetto, Resistenze Internazionali — our sister organisation in Italy On 14 May, workers of the Autonomous Collective of Port Workers (CALP), members of the Usb base union, and the international association Weapon Watch learned that ‘high-precision bullets’ destined for the Israeli port of Ashdod had been loaded onto the ship ’Asiatic Island’. The container ship ‘Asiatic Island’, flying ...

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Israel/Palestine-Stop the War: No peace without struggle against occupation, poverty and capital

Provocations by the police and the far-right have led to a dangerous escalation leaving many dead and wounded. The war must be stopped. Peace can only be achieved by struggling against the occupation, poverty, and rule of capital.An Interview with Yasha Marmer, Socialist Struggle — our sister organisation in Israel/Palestine. By ISA (International Socialist Alternative- the Socialist Party is the ...

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Stop the slaughter in Gaza — Oppose Israeli State terror!

The Israeli State, headed by the corrupt regime of Benjamin Netanyahu, is waging yet another murderous assault on the people of Gaza, home to two million Palestinians residing in the world’s largest open-air prison. The small strip of land, where much of the buildings and infrastructure have been destroyed by successive Israeli assaults, is besieged by land, air and sea. ...

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