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Why you should be a socialist

By Darragh O’Dwyer Stability, prosperity and progress: Some of the common catchwords capitalism’s most staunch defenders have used to justify a system that places private profit before all else. Yes there are flaws, but, so the story goes, the positives outweigh the negatives and, really, no other organisation of society is feasible. Barely halfway through 2020 and such illusions have ...

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World Congress of International Socialist Alternative: Capitalism has failed, fight for a socialist future!

By Ann Orr (Irish delegate) The Twelfth World Congress of the international organisation to which the Socialist Party is affiliated took place in January 2020. It was attended by delegates and visitors from 27 countries. The Congress followed the splitting away of a minority who demonstrated a staid, conservative and dogmatic approach to tackling the challenges and seizing the opportunities ...

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