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Global tax reform: Is capitalism making the rich pay?

By Per-Ake Westerlund, Rattvisepartiet Socialisterna (our sister organisation in Sweden) Why are the IMF, Joe Biden and the UK government, among many other capitalist institutions and governments suddenly advocating increased taxes? And will such measures solve any of the accumulating problems in the capitalist economy? Within a short space of time, the following proposals have been announced: The Conservative British government ...

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“Troubled Times” republished – a Marxist guide to the national question

The national question is probably the most debated question in Irish politics. And for good reason! Irish history, especially recent history, is littered with the debris of organisations which have failed to comprehend or come to terms with it.”Peter Hadden, Troubled Times First published in 1995, Troubled Times provides a unique, socialist analysis of the national question in Ireland and its historical evolution ...

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The roots and realities of racism in Irish society

By Manus Lenihan and Myriam Poizat Mass protests of young and working-class people have spread across the US in a call for #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd. Led by black youth, the multi-racial movement has spread across all states and has already forced authorities to charge the police officers involved in the racist murder of George Floyd. But these protests are now reaching further, putting ...

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