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Iran: Trump brings region closer to war

By Rob Jones, Committee for a Workers International (the international socialist organisation to which the Socialist Party in Ireland is affiliated to) The headline and editorial in the Lebanese pro-Hezbollah newspaper “Al-Akhbar” on Friday read: “The martyrdom of Soleimani: It is war!” This is just one of the first angry reactions to the overnight US drone attack on the convoy ...

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Iraq – a tinder-box waiting to burst into flame

By Rob Jones – Sotsialisticheskaya Alternativa – our sister organisation in Russia In 2003 the imperialist powers launched a brutal ‘shock and awe’ campaign intended to remove Saddam Hussein and establish a new democratic order in the Middle East. At least that was the official cover, in reality it was as much an attempt by western imperialism to get its ...

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Assange arrest: Imperialism’s revenge for exposure of dirty wars

By Dave Carr (Socialist Party in England and Wales) After seven years of self-imposed exile in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was dragged from his place of asylum and arrested by the Metropolitan police. This followed the revoking of his asylum status by Ecuador’s president Lenin Moreno. The US administration, backed by the UK Tory government, ...

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Britain: Chilcot’s damning findings on Iraq war

The 2.6 million-word Chilcot report in essence acknowledges that the devastating war on Iraq and occupation was a completely unjustifiable act of military aggression, by making it clear that it was not necessary. Families of the UK army personnel who died or were seriously injured in Iraq, and the millions of Iraqi people whose lives have been shattered by the ...

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Hilary Clinton: Candidate of war, Wall Street & Walmart

By Aprille Scully Hillary Clinton’s bid to become to the first woman President has resulted in calls for progressively minded workers and young people across the US to support her. The latter in particular, and significantly young women, have rejected this and instead have supported the candidacy of Bernie Sanders. Several opinions have tried to deduce how this could be. ...

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