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China: Has the Pandemic Strengthened or Weakened Xi Jinping?

By Vincent Kolo, chinaworker.info On 15 June the National Bureau of Statistics cancelled its press conference in Beijing. It was due to present May’s economic data, showing that China’s economy continues to “gain momentum” following the shocking crash of the first quarter. The cancellation was forced by the new wave of coronavirus infections in Beijing, which caused authorities to sharply reverse ...

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Mass protest needed to stop Modi’s attack on the people of Kashmir

By Geert Cool, Left Socialist Party (CWI in Belgium)  Seventy two years after the agreement between the Maharajah (King) of Kashmir and the Indian Government on accession of Kashmir in the areas of foreign affairs, telecommunications and defence, India is unilaterally terminating the autonomous status of Jammu & Kashmir. After years of rebellion in Indian-occupied Kashmir, the government announced that ...

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Mass general strike in India

Article by members of New Socialist Alternative, our sister organisation in India, about the 150 million strong general strike against the Modi government. India’s Working Class people have a tremendous history of showing their built-up anger and collective bargaining strength time and again through General Strikes. Since the arrival of the disastrous policies of neo-liberalism in 1991, the working class ...

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