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Capitalist media: cheerleaders for austerity

Socialist Party TD, Ruth Coppinger’s assertion that Independent Newspapers champion austerity, has drawn squawks of indignation from the media. In an attempt to rebuke this, Brendan O’Connor (presumably with a straight face) claimed: “[The Irish Independent] has campaigned hugely against austerity for the last six years”.

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Denis O’Brien’s answer to a question that nobody asked

Another Sunday morning and yet again we see the mainstream media giving a massive plug for the Reform Alliance. Yesterday’s (October 19) Sunday Times  headline boldly announced: “Creighton Seeks recruits for new party”. But the article underneath was a long list of TDs and groups who would not be supporting the new party, one TD who may support it and one ...

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Paul Williams’ latest story exposes him as mouthpiece of Garda Commissioner

Paul Williams in the Irish Independent has been playing defence for the Gardai and in particular Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan, since the GSOC bugging scandal broke. The Irish Independent has published article after article designed to deflect attention from the bugging of GSOC and to put pressure on the GSOC Chairman, Simon O’Brien. This transparent attempt to shield the Gardai from scrutiny reached laughable proportions this morning with the story on the front page of the Irish Independent by Paul Williams.

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