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Spanish State: 1.5 million school students strike against sexism

The general student strike called by the Sindicato de Estudiantes (SE – students union) and Libres y Combativas (free and combative, socialist feminist platform of SE and Izquierda Revolucionaria – sister organisation of the Socialist Party in the Spanish state) has been a powerful success. More than 1.5 million students emptied the classroom with 90% support for the strike in ...

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Bolsonaro – a threat to workers and all oppressed people

By André Ferrari , Liberty, Socialism and Revolution (LSR – sister organisation of the Socialist Party in Brazil) The victory of Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil’s second round presidential election by a 10% margin over the Workers’ Party (PT) candidate Fernando Haddad, represents a setback for the Brazilian working class and opens a new chapter in Brazil. It will also embolden ...

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The global fight for LGBTQ+ rights

By Thomas White Internationally LGBTIQ+ people are under attack with crackdowns on the queer community going hand in hand with a general rising trend of repression against protest movements. Prominent attempted roll backs of queer rights in the US have been a feature of the Trump regime’s racist, sexist, pro-billionaire agenda. The attempted ban issued by official Twitter decree on ...

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“Conscience” Clause enshrines homophobia into law

By Kevin Henry The attempt by the DUP to amend Northern Ireland’s equality laws to allow religious business owners to refuse services to LGBT customers if it is “facilitating” an act against their religion is an attempt to enshrine a right to discriminate into law. This attempt to drive society backwards would make it perfectly acceptable under the law for ...

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