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Green Party — Business as usual won’t stop climate catastrophe

By Laura Fitzgerald  Following the ‘Green wave’ of last May’s Local and European Election, the Green Party have had another breakthrough, winning a new high of 12 TDs, representing a plus ten seat gain. The Green Party’s ignominious recent history of participation in an austerity, bank bailout government alongside Fianna Fail was sufficiently in the past in order for the ...

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System Change not Climate Change – Who is afraid of Greta?

Alternative Socialiste, CWI Québec (sister orgaisation of the Socialist Party in Quebec)  Is Greta Thunberg a young woman who is “mentally unstable” and spokesperson for “climate alarmism?”  This is how Quebec’s small elite describe the Swedish environmental activist, who will be the guest of honour at Montreal’s big climate march on September 27. Why do they attack her so aggressively? ...

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Climate change: Why capitalism is the problem

“Climate over Capitalism!” was the call of hundreds of school students in Manchester, protesting for effective measures to tackle climate change. This call is echoed throughout Europe in a myriad of school student protests in the past number of months writes Megan Oglesby. The movement was sparked by Greta Thunburg, a Swedish 16-year-old who began the first school-student protest outside ...

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