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Starbucks & Nespresso’s child labour secret exposed

A boy of ten or twelve carries a sack of coffee beans bigger than his torso up a steep hill. He stops to rub his back, grimacing in pain, then picks up the sack again and carries on. This is the true face of Starbucks and Nespresso, behind the mask of “ethical” corporate branding: children working for 40 hours a week, for about £5 per day.

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Precarity- Why a new generation of workers must organise

From fast food workers getting organised to fight for a living wage, to Uber drivers fighting a company infamous for its use of bogus self-employment models, to McDonalds’ workers in the US saying ‘No More’ to sexual harassment, a section of workers traditionally seen as “hard to organise” are proving their willingness to fight. Katia Hancke looks at what this ...

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Karl Marx’s theory of class struggle: the working class & revolution

Two hundred years since Karl Marx was born and 170 years since his most famous work, The Communist Manifesto, was published, Eddie McCabe looks at Marx’s theory of class struggle and assesses its relevance for today.   Without the labour power of workers, capitalists can’t make profits. The system can’t function. Of all the things a capitalist can buy to ...

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