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‘Extinction Rebellion’ & the fight against climate catastrophe

By Conor Payne The mass anger over the developing climate catastrophe is bubbling over. This has been reflected particularly in the major youth protests and school student strikes, which has spread all over the world. Despite this very important movement, governments continue to largely pay lip service to the issue while the crisis continues unabated. Many young people will be ...

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Capitalism: Burning the planet for profit

By Keishia Taylor Who causes the climate crisis? Twenty five companies are responsible for more than half of the entire world’s greenhouse gas emissions since 1988! In a greenwashing frenzy, companies are falling over themselves to create an image of sustainability and tackling climate change, while acting in the interests of profit, not our planet. We need to take the ...

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Demand free public transport now!

By Manus Lenihan We need to transform our cities and communities through free public transport. As well as abolishing fares, we need for a vast improvement in quality: an integrated public transport system based on trains, trams, buses and bicycles. No-one in a city or town should live or work more than a five-minute walk from public transport links, with ...

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